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Learn Brush Calligraphy

Letter With Lauren Liz features classes taught by professional lettering artist and author, Lauren Elizabeth Gifford.

Your learning experience will feature; lessons that guide you step-by-step, a supportive online community of fellow stationery fanatics, & a curated box of goodies— all of the supplies you need to make your transition from a lettering novice to a calligraphy champion. 😋

Not your average online class…

Let’s do this.

X o x o,


Share your


Calligraphy is a beautiful art to learn on your own, but the best part of learning any new skill is sharing that experience and meeting new people. Post updates of your work to show off your new skill to your friends & see what the others in the class are up to! (P.S. I love sharing my students work on my instagram!)

Meet Your Instructor...

Hello, friends! I’m so pleased to present my brand new class on brush lettering for beginners. Creating this course has been a huge passion project for me this year.

I am a professional lettering artist! Which is just a fancy way of saying: I take boring words on paper and make them beautiful. I have created my brush calligraphy course for anyone who is looking to step-up their lettering game with the use of unique fonts and styles.

I look forward to sharing everything I know.

See you in class! 😘

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